Video captures shocking moment driver careers into parked car on Doncaster road

This is the shocking moment a driver careers across a road in Doncaster before slamming into a parked car.

Sunday, 15th December 2019, 11:44 am

The incredible dashcam footage was shared by the owner of the parked vehicle which was written off in the crash on Selby Road, in Askern, after the motorist responsible was sentenced for driving without due care and attention.

She told how her family has been left thousands of pounds out of pocket, while the culprit walked away from court with a £313 fine and nine points on his licence.

The crash destroyed the Nissan Qashqai belonging to Sally Gardner and her husband Nigel, as well as writing off their daughter Megan’s Ford Fiesta, parked just behind, and obliterating their front wall.

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The aftermath of a crash on Selby Road in Askern, Doncaster

In all, Ms Gardner says £20,000 of damage was caused to their property, and while they have been able to claim much of that back on insurance they are still counting the cost.

She told how she, her husband and their three children were all at home when the crash happened on October 5, at around 6.25pm.

“We heard a horn blaring and the next thing I knew the house was shaking and we heard the impact,” said the 49-year-old, who works in accounts for an IT company.

“We’d only just got in that evening and God knows what might have happened if we’d arrived home a few minutes earlier, or if someone had been walking past at the time of the crash.”

The aftermath of a crash on Selby Road in Askern, Doncaster

In the footage, a grey hatchback can be seen travelling on the opposite side of the road before the driver loses control and it spins sideways on, hurtling across the other carriageway, before crashing head on into the Qashqai.

The driver then gets out, with what appears to be smoke pouring from the bonnet of his car, and approaches Mr and Ms Gardner who have come out of their house.

A crowd has gathered around the wreckage by this point, yet Ms Gardner said the motorist was driven off in an another vehicle which arrived moments later, despite onlookers shouting ‘you can’t go away’.

He was stopped by police minutes later at the Jet petrol station around a mile down the road, on which the speed limit had only recently been reduced from 60mph to 40mph, she said.

The aftermath of a crash on Selby Road in Askern, Doncaster

Nathan Shepherd, of Coniston Road, Askern, appeared at Doncaster Magistrates’ Court, where he was convicted of driving without due care and attention.

The 21-year-old was ordered to pay a £313 fine and £117 in costs, and was given nine points on his driving licence.

Ms Gardner said she and her husband had bought the Qashqai on finance and were still paying off the cost because their insurance only covered the market value, meaning they are not yet able to afford a replacement car.

As well as the financial impact, she told how the crash had left the family badly shaken, and she struggled to sleep in the nights afterwards.

The aftermath of a crash on Selby Road in Askern, Doncaster

“He destroyed our car, which was our pride and joy, as well as our wall and patio,” she said.

“We’re glad he was alright but we can’t believe he had the audacity to just get out and go after causing all that destruction.

“We’re left with no car, still dealing with the shock and having all this mess to clear up, yet we haven’t even received an apology.

“Meanwhile, he just gets a slap on the wrist and is able to drive around without a care in the world.”