Untaxed foreign registered vehicles removed from streets of South Yorkshire

Glen Suttenwood
Glen Suttenwood

Police used new powers to remove 28 foreign registered vehicles from South Yorkshire roads in one week for failing to comply with the UK’s vehicle tax rules and regulations.

Since July 1 officers have been able to seize any foreign registered vehicle that has been in the country longer than six months and is untaxed.

Chief Inspector Glen Suttenwood said: “A foreign registered vehicle is given six months from entry into the UK before it needs to be registered, taxed and insured as with all UK vehicles.

“Once this period has lapsed and if the car remains unregistered with the DVLA, therefore untaxed, the devolved powers now allow road policing officers to seize the vehicle at the roadside.

“We already seize UK vehicles if they are untaxed or uninsured, and these devolved powers will greatly assist in removing illegally driven vehicles from our roads.

“Unregistered, untaxed and uninsured vehicles are not only a menace and frustration to all the law-abiding motorists, but also a serious danger and can pose significant risks to others on the road.

“We are determined to keep our roads safe and we will always take action and use all the powers that are available to us to ensure anyone who chooses to break the law is appropriately dealt with.”

Vehicles have been seized in Rotherham, Sheffield and Doncaster.