Two men arrested after Doncaster cops find cannabis farms in two houses on the same street during day of action

Two men were arrested after police swooped on houses in the Doncaster area in a day of action designed to reassure the public

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 1:41 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 1:41 pm
Cannais plants found in Somerset Road Doncaster during Operation Duxford swoops.

This morning (15 September) officers in Doncaster executed two warrants on Somerset Road in the town centre as part of Operation Duxford.The officers quickly gained access to both properties on the road simultaneously.Inside the first property, three rooms containing over 70 cannabis plants were found. Each plant has an estimated street value of over £1000.A 45-year-old man who was inside the property was arrested by officers on suspicion of production of cannabis. He remains in police custody.At the second property, three rooms containing 80 plants were discovered.A 27 year-old man who was inside the property was arrested by officers on suspicion of production of cannabis. He remains in police custody.Neighbourhoods Chief Inspector Jayne Forrest said: “Cannabis grows in residential areas like this have a huge impact on our communities.“The money obtained from growing and selling cannabis is often used to fund serious and organised crime.“These warrants today are an example of the intelligence gathering work that is going on continuously to identify properties being used in this way.“Each piece of information we receive helps to build a bigger picture, to ensure that our enforcement action is successful.“I would urge those who have concerns to continue reporting via 101 or anonymously via the independent charity Crimestoppers.”

They found at least 40 plants in one house and 27 plants in another.

The upstairs rooms and cellars had been converted into sophisticated growing areas with ventilation and bypassing power meters.

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District Commander Chief Supt Melanie Palin launching Operation Duxford outside Doncaster Police Station

It is understood tell tail signs from the houses had been spotted by airborne hi-tech thermal imaging cameras, leading to them being targeted.

The arrests came as more than 100 officers took part in the ongoing force-wide operation Duxford today.

Officers will be tackling criminality including antisocial behaviour and drug use, in the town centre and surrounding areas.

There was a large police presence in the centre of Doncaster today as police engaged with residents and business owners offering crime prevention advice.

A police officer stands guard outside a house on Somerset Road Doncaster following a drugs raid during Operation Duxford.

Launching the operation at Doncaster police Station, District Commander Chief Supt Melanie Palin said the operation is dedicated to tackling the issues identified as mattering most to the local community.

She said “This is the first force wide Duxford we have done since Covid.

“The main focus today is we will be tackling what our communities have identified as important to them.

“Some of that is about speed enforcement,some of it is about off road bikes and some is about drug use and drug dealing in our communities.

“Also some of the challenges we’ve got in the town centre because what’s happened as some of the covid restrictions have been lifted we have seen more footfall in the town centre.

“What we have also seen is an emergence of what we see in many town centres such as anti-social behaviour, begging, homelessness, drug use and drug supply and a rise in shoplifting.

“We will be looking at some of our higher risk offenders and people who are wanted on warrant to try and get those through the system as well."