Train attack on Rovers fans

TRAIN passengers were left fearing for their safety after a group of football supporters attacked four Doncaster Rovers fans on a crowded carriage.

The Doncaster fans were travelling home from their team’s match at Leeds United when they were approached by the gang.

One of the attackers, who are all thought to support Leeds, started abusing the victims before an altercation began, according to police.

Det Cons Gary Heseltine, of the British Transport Police, said one of the victims was pushed to the ground and kicked repeatedly by the group. Then they launched an attack on the other three.

The attack happened around 7.25pm on the 1922 Leeds to Doncaster service on March 5.

The victims, left with cuts and bruises to their faces, managed to escape the violence and left the service when it stopped at Outwood.

Det Cons Heseltine added: “The vicious attack lasted several minutes and must have been frightening for other passengers onboard the busy service.

“No one should be subjected to such violence whilst trying to make their way home.

“This kind of unprovoked attack is totally unacceptable on the railway and it is essential that these offenders are traced and brought to justice.”

Anyone with information should contact British Transport Police on 0800 405040 quoting reference B5/NEA of 23/03/2011.