Town’s traders demand CCTV

Anita Davie and Nikki Davies who are campaigning for CCTV cameras in Tickhill
Anita Davie and Nikki Davies who are campaigning for CCTV cameras in Tickhill

A Doncaster town’s business community is pleading for a street CCTV system to combat a crimewave.

One shop owner on Tickhill’s man road has suffered seven crimes in the past three years and her patience is wearing thin.

Anita Davie and colleagues in Tickhill Business Association say they cannot affford to spend any more on security so want the town and borough councils to bring in a new closed-circuit TV system to reduce the amount of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Thorne and Mexborough already have CCTV in addition to Doncaster town centre’s network of cameras.

Anita, who has run Davie Fine Art in Castlegate for more than 20 years, has recently experienced her third smash-and grab raid and has also had to deal with attempted burglaries and thefts.

Paintings and bronze figures have been snatched after the shop windows were broken.

“I’ve been a crime victim seven times in the last three years and we feel we’re on our own,” she said. “I cannot spend any more on security.

“I’ve already spent thousands out of my own pocket and lost about £10,000 worth of property. I am sure CCTV would deter and help to catch them.

“We just feel so vulnerable and it is our livelihoods on the line,” said Anita.

Her neighbour, Nikki Davies, who owns a chocolate and coffee shop and is an official of Tickhill Business Association, said the CCTV was important because the A631 through Tickhill is a busy road and offers a good escape route for crooks.

“We think it is essential,” she said. “A lot of our members are concerned. They are trying to protect their businesses and are worried crime will cost them their businesses. CCTV would make a significant difference.”

Ros Jones, Elected Mayor of Doncaster, said: “We would be happy to meet with interested parties to look into the possibility of CCTV in Tickhill. Any new scheme would have set-up, running and maintenance costs which would have to be covered.

“With limited public funds available we have to prioritise areas with the greatest need.”