Top South Yorkshire Police dogs sent to Gibraltar

Police dog Tara, who has gone to Gibralter
Police dog Tara, who has gone to Gibralter

Specialist police dogs bred in South Yorkshire have been shipped to Gibraltar to form the first canine section in the British overseas territory for 20 years.

Four German Shepherds from South Yorkshire Police’s dog training unit were chosen to form Royal Gibraltar Police’s first dog unit in two decades.

Instructor Mick Gentile, from South Yorkshire Police, ran a 13 week training course for the dogs and their new handlers in Gibraltar.

Prince, Major, Zulu and Tara all completed the course, which taught them how to search for people and track offenders, and three passed.

Major is to be used by Gibraltar’s drug squad instead.

Harry Morton, who runs South Yorkshire’s dog training and breeding unit, said: “I am exceptionally pleased we have been able to work in partnership with Royal Gibraltar Police and provide them with a dog section unit after such a long period of time without one.

“Mick invested a great deal of time in selecting and preparing the dogs in the UK, and faced difficulties in Gibraltar, working the dogs in extreme heat, training novice handlers.

“Our dog training school goes from strength to strength, and this successful new relationship with an international force will hopefully open up more opportunities and possibilities overseas.”

South Yorkshire Police made £20,000 from the project.

The county’s dog training school is being reviewed by police chiefs in a bid to save money.