Thug jailed after gun threat drama

Convicted - Frederick Kaye.
Convicted - Frederick Kaye.
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a DONCASTER thug has been jailed for more than three years after he threatened a man with a rifle when his girlfriend dumped him.

Armed police had to be called to Frederick Robert Kaye’s flat in Wheatley after he produced the loaded firearm and a machete when their relationship came to an end.

Rebecca Kaye - who had taken the defendant’s surname by deed poll even though they were not married - had decided to move out of their flat in Parkinson Street because she suspected the 26-year-old had been having an affair.

Chris Tonge, prosecuting at Doncaster Crown Court, said she asked her stepfather and two other men to bring a car and trailer to collect her furniture, but when they pulled up outside Kaye emerged carrying a pump-action air rifle and a machete down the back of his trousers.

He waved the gun about, holding the barrel and swinging it like a club at one of the men, Andrew Mason, saying: “I’m gonna kill you.”

Mr Tonge said Kaye chased Mr Mason down the street and pointed the air rifle at him as though to fire it, although police later discovered it was loaded but could not be fired.

The defendant then took out the machete, with an 18 inch long serrated blade, and showed it to Mr Mason before going back into the flat and throwing Rebecca’s things out of a window.

When arrested following the incident on June 6, just days after the Cumbrian gun massacre in which 12 people were killed, Kaye told police he thought he had seen Mr Mason armed with a baseball bat, although none was found.

Defence counsel Michael Upson said Kaye was not a violent person and “just got a bit frightened with three blokes in the car”.

He added: “He wanted to frighten them and make them go away. This was not premeditated, but him reacting in the wrong way to what he saw.”

Kaye, of Dudley Road, Intake, pleaded guilty to possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and possessing an offensive weapon.

Sentencing him to three years and three months, Judge Jacqueline Davies said: “These courts are deeply concerned about the use of weapons, and guns in particular.”