Teenager used dad’s card to steal money

Crime news
Crime news

A teenager who raided his dad’s bank account so he could spend the money on drugs and alcohol has been kicked out of the family home.

After Lewis Jeeves admitted spending money from his father’s savings on drugs and booze, his parents packed his bags and ordered him out of their house in Mexborough, a court heard.

Yesterday the 19-year-old appeared in the dock at Doncaster Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty to three offences of fraud committed last week on separate days, by using Frank Jeeves’s Halifax bank card to withdraw a total of £440.

Prosecutor David Sheppard said Jeeves, of Makin Street, knew his father kept his PIN number with his bank card and used it on three successive days to take £200, £200 and £40 before returning the card to his wallet.

Mr Jeeves reported the theft to police and Jeeves admitted spending the cash on cocaine and alcohol.

Mr Sheppard said his family was ‘very upset’.

In a victim impact statement Frank Jeeves said: “We believe Lewis has a serious problem, we want to help him rather than punish him. 
“We simply want our son back rather than the Lewis who committed these offences, who is not our son.”

Anna Eddison, defending, said the family had packed his belongings and he’d moved to a friend’s house.

She said he started taking more cocaine and drinking after losing his job six months ago.

Doncaster magistrates adjourned the case until February 18 for a probation report to be prepared.