Teen raided dad’s house

A YOUNG woman who stole from her dad’s Doncaster home has been given a short jail sentence – so she can be reunited with her mum afterwards.

Samantha Ferguson was given six months by a judge at Doncaster Crown Court but because she has been on remand for several weeks she will soon be released.

Recorder David Ake told the 19-year-old she could choose whether to let down her parents again.

Ferguson, of Radburn Road, Rossington, pleaded guilty to charges of theft, handling stolen goods and possession of cannabis.

Prosecutor James Byatt said the defendant’s father usually left a window open at his home in Rossington so his daughter could get in if she found herself without a key.

But on May 3 he returned home to find the bedrooms searched, the back door open, their pet dog missing and a laptop computer stolen.

Ferguson was arrested two days later and admitted the theft but the laptop was never found.

The defendant was given bail but later in May was arrested again after asking a neighbour if he wanted to buy mobile phones, a laptop and an Xbox game from her.

Mr Byatt said £900 worth of property had been stolen from a house where the back door key had been taken by some guests at a party.

After Ferguson’s neighbour declined to buy she tried to sell them at a town centre second-hand shop but police were tipped off and she was arrested again.

The court was told she has a lengthy record and defence counsel Guy Wyatt said Ferguson was released from a previous sentence only a few days before the theft from her father.

“Her mother is keen to have her home because she needs her company and support. She seems to have a problem controlling her impulses – she acts and regrets it afterwards.”

Mr Ake said: “You will be released almost straightaway and you can let them [her parents] down again – it’s your choice.”