Suspect leads police on a chase in Doncaster - and then does something very unusual

A suspect led police on a brief chase through the streets of Doncaster – and did something very unusual to try and evade capture.

Friday, 27th September 2019, 10:32 pm

Officers were following a Citroen vehicle in Armthorpe Road when the driver decided to accelerate away earlier today.

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After turning down a deserted street he got out of the vehicle and attempted to walk away as if he was none the wiser.

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The vehicle seized by police.

However, police got their man in the end.

Detailing the incident in a Facebook post, South Yorkshire Police’s Operational Suipport Team posted: “Our latest edition of ‘Moriarty The Master Criminal’ takes us to Armthorpe Road in Doncaster earlier today.

“The driver of this Citroen was clearly panic stricken by the mere sight of a marked police vehicle and did his best to accelerate away from a colleague whilst they were turning around to speak to him.

“In a stroke of genius, the driver drove down a deserted street and started to walk away with his hands in his pockets, whistling to himself.

“When our colleague followed and grabbed hold of him, he claimed to know nothing about the very tired Citroen with the red hot brakes parked just feet away. Furthermore, he hadn’t seen anything or anyone either.”

The team added: “Being a suspicious type, our colleague decided it best to search him. He was entirely unsurprised to find a set of Citroen keys in the chap’s pocket. Even less so that the keys were for the Citroen that had tried to get away.

“Realising that he perhaps wasn’t the criminal genius that he thought he was, he admitted that the car was his, saying that that he intended to get rid of it tomorrow. After all, it had no insurance or MOT.

“Being the helpful types we are, our colleague assisted him in getting rid of it and gave him a traffic offence report for his trouble.”