Stolen ring ‘was not Sharon’s’ say police

Celebrity: Sharon Osbourne.
Celebrity: Sharon Osbourne.

CELEBRITY Sharon Osbourne has been ruled out as the owner of a £200,000 diamond ring found by police in South Yorkshire.

The 10-carat gem was among a £1 million haul of jewellery and £13,000 in cash found when officers raided a house in Doncaster and seized the valuables on suspicion that they were stolen.

Police showed the collection of rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings on the BBC’s Crimewatch programme earlier this month when they appealed for help in establishing where they had come from.

During the programme Sharon’s daughter Kelly, 26, posted a message on Twitter claiming that the Tiffany ring was her 58-year-old mum’s.

She thought it was her mum’s wedding band, which was stolen from the Osbourne family home in Buckinghamshire during a raid in 2004.

In Kelly’s Twitter post she said her mum - married to rock star Ozzy Osbourne - had been ‘in tears’ at the thought that her ring had been found.

On the night the Crimewatch appeal was aired she said her mum had been ‘over the moon’ and had ‘cried with joy’ at the thought of getting her wedding ring back. The Osbournes thought the ring was one of the gems stolen when daring intruders raided their home while the family slept, stealing jewellery worth £1 million, including a ring taken from beside Sharon’s bed.

Former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy was disturbed by the intruders and chased one of them before grappling with him as he tried to flee through a window at the couple’s £3 million mansion.

The multi-millionaire put the burglar in a headlock as he was dangling from the window, but the thief managed to wriggle free and dropped 30ft to the ground below to escape.

But today Graham Wragg, head of South Yorkshire Police’s economic crime unit, said enquiries had established that the ring found in Doncaster had not come from Sharon’s house.

His force liaised with Thames Valley Police, which carried out the initial investigation into the raid at the Osbourne mansion.

Photographs of the two rings were compared and they were found to be different.

“It has been established that the ring found in Doncaster was not Sharon Osbourne’s,” he said.

“We have spoken to her representatives about this.

“Further enquires are being made around the ring.”