South Yorkshire’s Police Crime Commissioner to raise his profile

South Yorks Police Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright
South Yorks Police Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright

Protecting women and raising his profile are the priorities of South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner – who admits a third of people may not know who he is.

Commissioner Shaun Wright was speaking about his role on the anniversary of his election to office, after a poll found one in three people do not know who their PCC is.

A spokeswoman for Mr Wright said: “The poll found 35 per cent of people don’t know who their police and crime commissioner is – but that means 65 per cent do.

“Compared to 12 months ago when the Commissioner was elected, I think that’s quite a leap.

“Yes, he can walk down the street without people knowing who he is, but it’s only one year in, it’s early days, and over the next couple of years things will change.

“People will see the work the Police and Crime Commissioner is doing in South Yorkshire. The work is ongoing behind the scenes and people don’t necessarily need to know what he looks like.

“It is important they know who he is and what he is doing.”

The spokeswoman said Mr Wright’s priorities for next year were to continue implementing his Police and Crime Plan.

That includes improving police visibility in the community, recruiting 650 specials by 2015, and cutting crime and anti-social behaviour.

She said another key priority was protecting vulnerable people.

“This year that was children, next year it will be women, and in 2015 it will be the elderly,” she added.

In the last year Mr Wright has hauled South Yorkshire Police over the coals for its performance investigating child sex grooming.

What you’re saying online:

Callum Daniel Blade - Waste of public money.

Jill Hallam - Yes, I know who he is but it’s just a ‘job for the boys’ position – he is a politician.

Jamie Hines - I don’t know who he is but he probably sits at a desk checking Facebook for most of his working hours.

@DeadWintersNight - A pointless appointment, over-paid, unnecessary. We need more real police, not a civvy with a Toytown sheriff’s badge.

Jimmy Horsfield - I thought we voted not to have one in the end?

James Fox - No, I don’t know who he is.

Phill Thiel - Please enlighten us, like we care.