South Yorkshire pregnant mum jailed for attack

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A pregnant mum who blinded a male friend in one eye with a wine glass has been jailed for 12 months.

Mother-of-two Regan Round-Hare smashed the glass into Michael Leasley’s face in an unprovoked attack as he talked to her boyfriend in Mexborough town centre.

Mr Leasley required surgery to his left eye and told a court he still does not know whether he has lost his sight permanently.

Round-Hare, aged 22, a single mum who is due to give birth to her third child in January, admitted unlawful wounding.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the victim had been to a party in Mexborough and was walking with some friends along Wood Street at 11pm.

One of his friends stopped to speak to Kyle Nettleship, the driver of a Citroen Saxo with Round-Hare in the passenger seat.

A row broke out and the car driver threatened to ‘fill in’ Mr Leasley’s friend - so Mr Leasley went over to speak to him.

There was a verbal exchange and Mr Leasley noticed Round-Hare was drinking from a large wine glass in her right hand, said Neil Coxon, prosecuting.

He rested his hands on an open window in the car and, as he stuck his head inside, saw Round-Hare’s arm move and the glass smashed into his face, said Mr Coxon.

“He was in shock and pain,” he added. “Everything was blurred and he was bleeding from cuts above the eyebrow.”

The next day he could not see out of his left eye and surgeons performed an emergency operation at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

He was found to have a severe perforation injury to his left eye and had developed a corneal tear and cataract.

Doctors told him he may need further operations, and he might not get his eyesight back.

Round-Hare, of Avenue Road, Wath-upon-Dearne, was said by David Webster, defending, to have her own social worker because she had suffered domestic violence after ‘choosing the wrong boyfriends’.

The father of her unborn child is in Doncaster Prison and ‘she has been assessed as a vulnerable person’, he said.