South Yorkshire Police urges people to report concerns or suspicions about domestic abuse

South Yorkshire Police is urging people with concerns or suspicions about domestic abuse to raise them and seek help.

By Claire Lewis
Friday, 12th March 2021, 7:35 am

The force said investigations can be carried out and steps can be taken against offenders and to protect the victim.

In a plea, the force said: “Abuse is not always visible and sometimes the signs can be difficult to spot - coercive and controlling behaviour such as controlling what someone eats, wears and who they can and can’t see is a form of domestic abuse and it is a crime.

“It can happen in the home, online or on social media. It creates fear within a relationship and it can cause a victim to dramatically change their behaviour.

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South Yorkshire Police is urging people to report and seek help for domestic abuse

“If you think a loved one or someone you know might be suffering from domestic abuse, please report to us in confidence.

“It might be nothing, but if you believe someone is being controlled, threatened, physically or sexually abused in their own home, please get in touch. We can investigate, take steps to remove the offender, safeguard those suffering and provide them with the appropriate support.

“Please get in touch. We are here and we will listen to you.”

Victims who are unable to speak but who need help should dial 999 and use the ‘silent solution’ system.

The operator will ask a series of questions and may ask them to cough, make a noise or press a button on their phone so show they are listening.

They will then be asked to press '55' on their keypad. The operator will know to listen in and make an assessment about what type of response is required.