South Yorkshire Police’s ‘Don’t Be An Ass’ campaign

South Yorkshire Police's campaign poster.
South Yorkshire Police's campaign poster.

South Yorkshire police has added an new character into it’s ‘Be Wise’ campaign to encourage people to re-consider what could be antisocial behaviour (ASB) this summer.

An advertising campaign has been launched this week as part of the ongoing campaign, featuring an ass with the message of ‘Don’t Be An Ass’.

The force’s lead for ASB, supt Colin McFarlane, warned that summer can bring high amount of incidents, “the mix of warmer weather and school holidays means that there are more people out and about on the streets and there are more opportunities for antisocial behaviour.

“For adults, summer drinking can add to the situation and cause people to behave in ways that they wouldn’t normally.

“I want to urge everyone to think about their behaviour this summer and consider whether it could be antisocial. I don’t want to spoil anybody’s fun – but your antisocial behaviour could be spoiling the enjoyment of others around you.”

The campaign, which was launched in June also depicts burglars and doorstep criminals as foxes and wolves, using their animal-like traits to carry out their crimes.

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