South Yorkshire Police reveal list of ridiculous reasons why some callers dialled 999

South Yorkshire Police has published a lost of ridiculous reasons why some people dialled 999.

Monday, 18th April 2022, 7:03 am

In an attempt to encourage people to only dial 999 in genuine emergencies, the police force has revealed details of some of the calls received from those misusing the system.

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Over the past month, the force has received calls from:

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South Yorkshire Police has issued a warning about people dialling 999 for inappropriate reasons

- A man who was declined entry to a bar in Sheffield and believed the reason was inappropriate.

- A woman complaining that a nail shop refused to give her a refund when she was unhappy with her nails.

- A woman who was crying because she ordered an iPad 11 on Amazon and they delivered an iPad 10.

- A man who wanted directions to a local bed and breakfast.

- A woman who wanted officers to go to her home and cook her some food because she was hungry.

South Yorkshire Police said call handlers and dispatchers in the force control room ‘work tirelessly to ensure that those in imminent danger or that have a threat to their life receive help fast’.

The force said: “It is important that 999 lines and call handlers are available to take calls quickly and arrange help.”

Just under 2,000 calls are made to the force control room every day, including 800 via the 999 system.

Police bosses are warning that ‘incorrect use of the 999 service jeopardises providing help in an emergency’.

Superintendent of Communications, Cherie Buttle, said: “We are here to help people, but we need the public to understand that to be able to provide help in emergency situations our phone lines must be free to take the calls. If a call handler is speaking to a caller who is misusing the 999 service, they are not available to help a genuine caller.

“We do not tolerate those who misuse our service and will not tolerate abuse towards our staff, they do not come to work to be sworn and shouted at.”

Supt Buttle added: “Please be ‘999 wise’ and think before you dial.”

For more information on when to call 999 or 101 visit here.