South Yorkshire Police judged to treat people fairly

A police officer with a taser gun
A police officer with a taser gun

South Yorkshire Police has been judged ‘good’ at treating people fairly.

The force was inspected by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary to check that officers behave in a way that is fair, ethical, and within the law.

Police chiefs were interviewed, data was examined and a local survey was carried out.

Unannounced visits to police stations were also carried out to speak to officers on the frontline and to gather evidence.

Inspectors also reviewed taser deployment forms, stop and search forms and listened to calls for help from members of the public.

They found that officers are ‘well trained’ in using tasers, which stun difficult offenders to make them easier to arrest, and that the deployment of the weapons is ‘well managed’.

“There is a clear rationale for the numbers and distribution of taser-trained officers and an effective review process is instigated when a taser is used,” the inspection report concluded.

But HMIC Inspector Mike Cunningham said the force needs to ‘improve’ its use of stop and search powers to ensure that includes the reasonable grounds required to justify the use of the power.

He said some new software is to be introduced to allow officers to record any link between the reason for searches and any items seized.

“South Yorkshire Police had effectively promoted an ethical culture and set of standards, which is used to guide officers and staff,” Insp Cunningham added.

“There is an effective engagement structure and the force recognises that this needs to be retained to maintain and enhance the legitimacy of the organisation in the eyes of the people of South Yorkshire.”