South Yorkshire Police chiefs urge residents to step up security


South Yorkshire Police is urging residents to ‘Be Wise’ to avoid becoming easy prey for criminals.

The police force, which is using the figure of an owl to promote its safety messages, also depicts burglars and doorstep criminals as foxes and wolves - using their animal-like traits to carry out their crimes.

Police chiefs said the summer brings a new set of challenges for the force, with more people leaving their doors and windows unlocked as they make the most of the outdoors - making life easier for burglars prowling the streets looking for easy targets.

Safety messages will be promoted by the force all summer.

Superintendent Scott Green, South Yorkshire Police’s lead officer for burglary, said: “We want to encourage everyone to be wise about home and garden security this summer.

“Top tips such as locking your front door when enjoying a barbecue or keeping valuables and car keys out of sight will help you protect your property.

“If you are going away this summer, consider not checking in on Facebook to show that you are at an airport, advertising that you are leaving your property empty for some time.”