South Yorkshire drink-drivers to be named and shamed by police

A car damaged in a drink-drive collision
A car damaged in a drink-drive collision

Drink-drivers in South Yorkshire over Christmas are to be named and shamed by police as part of a festive campaign to deter people from getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

The force has announced anyone arrested for driving over the limit during December will have their names released to the public when they are charged with an offence on the SYP website and its Twitter account, which is followed by almost 70,000 people.

Roads Policing Chief Inspector Glen Suttenwood said: “We don’t want to stop people enjoying themselves with friends and family dur ing the festive season, but we want them to think about the negative, life-changing possibilities for them if they choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol.”

The move is part of the force’s ‘No Regrets’ campaign for the Christmas season, which has seen Sheffield widow Karen Codling movingly speak about the loss of her husband Eric, who was killed by a drink-driver in 2013.

The campaign will cover four strands of alcohol related crimes over four weeks, with the launch today focussing on drink driving and the drastic damage it can have, not only on the life of the person convicted, but the devastating consequences their actions can have on other road users.

Mr Suttenwood said: “The traumatic and painful impact it can have on other peoples’ lives, as with Karen and her family, is a constant and agonising reminder of knowing your reckless and thoughtless actions have caused the destruction of someone else’s life

“Our Roads Policing Officers will be out in force across the month of December, stopping vehicles and carrying out breath tests, to ensure we catch those who believe they can take the law into their own hands, and prevent innocent people from becoming victims this Christmas.”

The three other strands of the alcohol campaign that will follow are violence and antisocial behaviour, sexual offences and domestic abuse.