Sixteen-year-old boy sentenced for manslaughter

The 16-year-old Moorends boy who pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Joseph Smith, has been sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court today.

Jordan Shaw, was sentenced to ten years.

On Friday, October 7, Jordan Shaw, who was 15 at the time of the incident, was found not guilty of Joseph’s murder but convicted of his manslaughter.

Joseph Smith was stabbed on Wednesday, March 23 this year, on Lacarno Road, in Moorends, Doncaster. The 18-year-old died later that night in Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

The post mortem revealed the cause of death was a single stab wound to Joseph’s chest.

Detective Chief Inspector Matt Fenwick said: “This case has greatly affected the community of Moorends, where both Joseph Smith and Jordan Shaw are from.

“The two young men were out in Moorends with their friends on the evening when Joseph was attacked.

“Jordan was arrested shortly after the assault and taken into police custody.”

Betsy and Charles Smith, parents of Joseph said: “The day we lost Joey was the saddest day of our lives. Six months later, you can almost touch the grief in the family home.

“We lost a wonderful son, brother, partner and father who had the rest of his life ahead of him and two beautiful children to watch grow up.

“No-one will ever know what went through one boy’s mind as he took the life of another but whatever happens it will never bring Joey back and we have to live with this grief for the rest of our lives.”