Significant decrease in crime in Stainforth

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The number of incidents reported to Police in Stainforth has fallen following a series of crime prevention initiatives.

A total of 558 incidents were reported between April 1, and September 11 2013, compared with 610 from the same period last year - which is a 8.5 percent decrease.

Types of crime where there has been a significant decrease include burglary from dwellings, which has fallen by 45.3 percent and burglary from sheds and garages, which has dropped by 39 percent.

Police Community Support Officers in Stainforth have been working with residents to try and prevent crime, and PCSO supervisor, Lisa Telford said she thought this was one of the reasons for the drop in crime.

She said: “Our PCSOs have been knocking on residents doors and making sure they lock their houses and cars. A lot of burglars are opportunists, so this type of crime prevention can make a big difference. We’re very happy with these figures.”