Shocking moment masked men in black Ford Mondeo steal Christmas presents from van in Doncaster

This video of men stealing from a van in Doncaster and driving away in a black Ford Mondeo has been shared on social media as residents suspect they are also involved in a number of work van burglaries.

Friday, 20th December 2019, 10:24 am

There is an ongoing police investigation into a spree of van burglaries that have taken place in Dunscroft, Stainforth, Armthorpe and Skellow.

A number of tradesmen in the area have said that the theft of their tools has left them unable to work.

Here two men are seen taking parcels out of a delivery van.

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Video of men stealing from van

When confronted, the thieves are alleged to have threatened victims with screwdrivers and crowbars. In one case police say a shopping trolley was thrown at a car when the driver intervened, smashing the windscreen.

Police have confirmed that they are investigating two incidents involving a black Ford Mondeo and thefts from vans.

Men taking parcels from a delivery van before driving off.