Serial Doncaster house raider is jailed for latest crimes

Convicted - Jason Hale.
Convicted - Jason Hale.

A serial burglar has been jailed for three-and-a-half years for his latest crime wave which saw him ransack more homes.

Jason Hale, 25, who has burglary convictions dating back to 2004, was on licence from jail when he raidedtwo properties in three days, near to where he lived.

His haul included a TV, jewellery, a handbag, a mobile phone, Slovakian passports, Turkish lira and epilepsy tablets.

Police later found a receipt at Hale’s address in Apley Road, Hyde Park, from a pawnbrokers for two gold bracelets belonging to owner of the first home he raided in Childers Street, on September 12 last year.

They had been pawned by Hale’s girlfriend, who had exchanged the lira.

Hale broke into a home in Somerset Road on September 14 while the householder was asleep. A handbag and earrings taken were found in Hale’s back garden.

His girlfriend was arrested and admitted her role but Hale denied any part in the break-ins, saying he would not burgle anywhere near where he lived.

He claimed he found the pawnbrokers’ receipt in the street.

A letter from Hale was read out at Sheffield Crown Court by Judge Robert Moore in which he said he had used drink and drugs and had lost his fiancee and family through his offending. Hale admitted he had to ‘change my life and distance myself from my so-called mates.’

But jailing him Judge Moore said: “You know these matters are so serious that only a substantial sentence of custody can be justified.

“You tried to lead a decent life while on licence but allowed yourself to be distracted from your focus.”