Revealed: Huge drugs den in Doncaster house where wanted man fled by hiding on roof

This is the scene that police officers were met with when they raided a Doncaster house where a wanted man escaped to the roof in an attempt to flee.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 26th January 2022, 8:24 am

Officers raided the property in Beaconsfield Road, Hexthorpe yesterday – with a man kicking a hole in the roof of a property to climb onto the tiles where he was involved in a stand-off with police before eventually being arrested.

South Yorkshire Police have now revealed that they found 80 cannabis plants as well as some newly planted cannabis plants inside the drugs den.

A South Yorkshire Police Operational Support spokesman said: “Whilst in the Doncaster centre area, two of our officers, alongside our Doncaster Central Neighbourhoold Police Team colleagues, we dealt with a male who was seen on the roof of a building.

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Police found dozens of cannabis plants inside the property in Hexthorpe.

"We helped gain entry to the building only to find it was full with over 80 cannabis plants, some fully grown and some that had just been planted.

“After some careful negotiation a male was assisted from the roof and arrested for cultivation of cannabis, where he remains in custody at this time.”

Eyewitnesses say the man fled to the attic of the property and kicked a hole through tiles in the roof in a bid to evade officers.

Neighbours say there was then a stand-off between officers in the street below and the man, who was seen clinging to a chimney breast on top of a house in the terraced street.

Footage shows police breaking down the door of the house and officers flooding into the house to arrest the man after dragging him down from the roof.

The clip shows several police riot vans, a Home Office immigration enforcement vehicle and two South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue crews at the scene.

One witness to the drama said police had been knocking on the door of the house for some time before taking the decision to raid the property and arrest the man.

"The police came with the red hammer to take the door off. Once they got into the house you could see the lights from where they had a weed grow.”

"After about three hours the boy finally came down and he was arrested and taken away.”