Ram raiders fail in robbery bid

Raid foiled: Jackie Flodman with the damaged doorway at the Spar in Bawtry.                                                                                 Picture: Steve Taylor.
Raid foiled: Jackie Flodman with the damaged doorway at the Spar in Bawtry. Picture: Steve Taylor.

A RAM raid at a supermarket in a Doncaster town was thwarted when the alarm went off and scared the crooks.

Fortunately the burglar alarm had been replaced after being stolen during a previous attempted break-in at the Spar shop in Bawtry a few weeks ago.

The latest raid occurred in the early hours when a four-wheel-drive off-roader was driven through the steel shutters protecting the main door of the premises in Station Road.

The great force of the impact pushed the shutter through the door and through into the shop enabling the robbers to get into the store.

But they did not stay long and it is thought they had to flee empty-handed.

One of the two joint owners of the shop, Jackie Flodman, said afterwards: “The forced entry activated the burglar alarm and it appears to have deterred the robbers from stealing anything.

“We have a comprehensive stock control system and it will soon be apparent if anything is missing. It appears they have attempted to steal the cash machine - but that was empty.”

A resident who lives nearby heard what was happening and called police.

“We were shocked when we turned up to find the vehicle, which still had its radio playing and lights on, embedded in the front of the shop,” she said.

The Nissan Terrano had apparently been stolen from nearby Tickhill and belonged to a man from Norfolk visiting the town.

He later arrived at the shop and was said to be “very upset” by what had happened.

Detectives and crime scene investigators are studying CCTV images and collecting evidence from the vehicle after it was taken away by the police.

Jackie said ‘hoodies’ were seen possibly making a getaway after the incident, running down School Walk.

“It looks as if it has turned out to be a fruitless exercise for the robbers.

“Our insurance company was quick off the mark and carried out a temporary repair to the shop door and so it is business as usual for us.”

The break-in happened last Saturday morning.

It is the second time in six weeks the mini-market has been targeted, following a previous attempted break-in when someone climbed on the roof.

The burglar alarm also went off on that occasion and the thieves did not get into the shop - but they did steal the alarm box.