Psychopathic Slovakian rapist who abused children in Rotherham was allowed into UK despite being ‘dangerous repeat offender’

Eduard Peticky
Eduard Peticky

A psychopathic Slovakian rapist allowed into the UK has been jailed for life after abusing children as young as three in Rotherham.

Eduard Peticky travelled to England in 2008 for a ‘better life’ and was allowed in despite convictions for rape, sexual abuse and robbery.

Ludovit Peticky

Ludovit Peticky

Sheffield Crown Court heard he had been jailed in 1988 for more than eight years after raping two women in a park with two accomplices and had been branded a ‘dangerous repeat offender’ in Slovakia.

Peticky’s offences after coming to South Yorkshire included trafficking a five-year-old girl for sex, before abusing her himself.

The young girl, who told the court she was five when the incident happened, was so terrified by her she wet herself and was sick with fear.

Peticky, aged 48, also sexually abused a boy when the child was aged between three and five years old.

Sentencing, Judge Peter Kelson QC said Peticky, of Josephine Road, Rotherham, ‘poses a significant risk to members of the public’ and a life sentence was appropriate given the seriousness of the case and the defendant’s previous convictions for similar offences.


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Peticky will not be considered for parole for at least 10 years.

Judge Kelson said of the incident involving the young girl: “This was a truly horrifying incident.

“It is as depraved as depraved could be.”

Peticky’s brother Ludovit was also jailed for 12 years for sexual offences against the same two children and a third boy, aged between 10 and 11.

The offences took place between 2010 and 2012 in the Eastwood area of Rotherham.

Both men had denied the charges against them but were convicted following a trial at Sheffield Crown Court last year.

Sentencing was delayed as the authorities tried to get hold of details of the pair’s previous convictions in Slovakia.

Judge Kelson said the report from the Slovakian authorities indicated Eduard Peticky was a ‘particularly dangerous repeat offender’ and had a ‘psychopathic personality’.

He said a pre-sentence report carried out in the UK had found he lacked any empathy or remorse for what he had done.

Judge Kelson said: “It is my judgement this is a case of the utmost gravity and it is undoubtedly a case where public abhorrence of the offending could not be greater.

“Given the previous convictions for rape and sexual abuse, Eduard Peticky poses a significant risk to members of the public.”

Eduard Peticky was convicted of four offences last year – trafficking for sexual exploitation, sexual assault on a child under 13, engaging in sexual activity with a child and causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

Ludovit Peticky, 45, now of Legrams Lane, Bradford, but who lived in Rotherham at the time of the offences, was convicted of five counts of sexual assault of a child under 13 and a further count of causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

The court heard Ludovit has a mental age of about 10 after having previously been injured in a car accident.

Judge Kelson said his offences against three young children had been ‘serious in the extreme’.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Foreign criminals have no place in the United Kingdom and this Government is using all the resources available to protect the British public. In the last five years, we have strengthened the UK’s ability to request and obtain criminal records data from other countries about foreign nationals who are arrested in the UK.

“Since 2010, checks on foreign nationals going through the UK criminal justice system have increased by more than 1,000 per cent, helping ensure more foreign criminals are taken off our streets and making our communities safer.

“The Government is also providing leadership in Europe, and across the world, on efforts to improve the proactive sharing of information between countries about foreign offenders.”


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