Prisoner brags he’s ‘living the dream’ in South Yorkshire jail

Picture from Abdul Basit's cell
Picture from Abdul Basit's cell

A jailed drug dealer boasted on Facebook about his easy time in Doncaster prison from behind bars – bragging about a new plasma TV for his cell and winning £2,000 on a boxing match.

Addict Abdul Basit, aged 36, was jailed last year for four-and-a-half years after he admitted his part in a street dealing operation.

One of Abdul Basit's boastful Facebook posts

One of Abdul Basit's boastful Facebook posts

But within weeks posts appeared on his Facebook account, apparently made by him using a smuggled phone.

The brazen heroin dealer boasted about how he had won £2,000 betting on an Amir Khan fight, and how he was celebrating Christmas drinking “devil’s juice”.

Basit took selfies from his cell and posted photos of what looks like a brand new plasma TV he said had been delivered from Currys.

The lag – whose cell contained a PlayStation, a speaker system and Louis Vuitton wall drapes – boasted he was “livin the dream”.

One of Abdul Basit's boastful Facebook posts

One of Abdul Basit's boastful Facebook posts

In one post, believed to have been sent from Lindholme in Doncaster, he said: “Me and the little brother at the penthouse suite just chillin.”

In another he said: “U wana know what I’m doin this bank holiday im smoking cigars sipping on the good stuff. They can send me anywer in the country nd I wil always thug it out lol.”

Basit was jailed last year after he pleaded guilty at Bradford Crown Court to supplying heroin and transferring criminal property.

But after he was jailed, a post appeared on his Facebook apparently giving his prison postal address.

He was posting under the name ‘Basit Khan’ but can be identified by his distinctive tattoos – despite bulking up since he has gone inside.

On December 14 he appeared to boast about winning a bet in a fight and a post read: “Yow wots the crack wiv Amir Khan anybody plz lol.

“Sky box is next on my santas list hahaha.”

Half an hour later he added: “God bless u Amir Khan nd God bless the £2000 i jus won hahaha merry xmas.”

On Christmas Day a post said he was on ‘he old Devil’s juice’.

A month later a photo appeared of his cell with two televisions and a caption: “Just got mi delivery from currys got mi new plasma lmfao #just chillin like a Boss.”

A few days later he boasts of being in ‘the penthouse suite chillin’.

One of his last posts last month said: “Yo mite b caged up but I’m still one of the luckiest mans alive ‘.

His account was deactivated on July 29 after it is understood it was discovered by prison officials.

A Prison Service spokeswoman said: “Prisoners are banned from accessing social networking sites.

“Whenever we discover or are made aware that prisoners’ social media accounts are being updated, we take immediate action to close them down.”