Preventing domestic violence remains a priority, say police

Domestic violence
Domestic violence

Tackling cases of domestic abuse is a ‘clear priority’ for South Yorkshire Police, according to a new national report.

The Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) report also found that the Force responds well to victims facing the highest risk of domestic abuse and that partnership working is good in the county.

The report follows an inspection of all 43 forces in England and Wales, which was commissioned by Home Secretary, Theresa May, last September.

Recommendations made in the report for areas in which South Yorkshire Police could improve in their handling of domestic abuse include making the service offered to victims who are less than ‘high risk’ better, and improving their initial response to cases of domestic violence and risk assessment of victims.

Detective Superintendent Matt Fenwick said of the insepection: “We accept and welcome the findings of the HMIC report.”

He added: “We have already developed and implemented an action plan to address areas where we could improve in protecting victims of domestic abuse.

“Further extensive training has been provided for all officers and staff who come into contact with those affected by domestic abuse to ensure that victims in South Yorkshire receive the best possible service.”

“We’ve also made changes to where we deal with the domestic abuse referrals we receive.”

“They are now dealt with at one central location by one team, rather than at different locations throughout the county, to ensure a consistent and unified approach.”

Anyone suffering from domestic abuse can call South Yorkshire Police on 101.