Police warning as hundreds of cars left insecure in Doncaster

Superintendent Eddie Murphy of South Yorkshire Police.
Superintendent Eddie Murphy of South Yorkshire Police.

Hundreds of cars were found to be left insecure or with property on show following police checks in Doncaster.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) carried out more than 1,500 checks of vehicles parked in the town centre on Monday May 12.

Of the 1,611 vehicles they looked at, 176 – more than ten per cent - were classed as “vulnerable”, having either property on display or being unlocked.

Superintendent Eddie Murphy said: “It takes only a second for a thief to open an unlocked car door, or to smash a window and take valuables if they are left on show. But, equally, it takes only a second for motorists to avoid this happening, simply by locking their vehicles. I would urge drivers in Doncaster, and across the rest of South Yorkshire, to stop thieves in their tracks by taking extra care of their property.”

Checks were carried out 9am and 5pm, at the market, Chappell Drive, the Minster, East Laith Gate, Spring Gardens, Church Way and Greyfriars Road.