Police to keep close eye on yob behaviour

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NEWS: News.

ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour on a street in Moorends is to continue to be a priority for action for police and council officers in Thorne and Moorends.

Officials who run the area’s Partners and Community Together Meeting updated residents about the situation at Wembley Road, Moorends, and extended the issue as a priority.

Residents told police that, despite there being only a few recent incidents, the issue was still ongoing.

Officers urged the public to report any anti-social behaviour as and when it happens, to give officers the best possible chance of responding.

Complaints made so far this year about problems on Wembley Road have included youths throwing snowballs at houses and passing vehicles, which prompted police to send patrols out to stop any further problems from happening.

A number of complaints has also been received about problems in Marshland Road, specifically about abuse being directed at shopkeepers.

Police said they would be paying close attention to the issue to nip it in the bud and to deal with it. They said people should call police every time it happens.