Police pledge action on speeding drivers in Doncaster village after tests reveal problem

Police have pledged to get tough on motorists in a Doncaster village after looking into reports that it has a speeding problem.

Wednesday, 16th September 2020, 7:00 am

Officers carried out tests on West End Lane in Rossington, last month, after residents had complained about the issue in recent weeks.

It is the main road through the village, and runs all the way from the new Great Yorkshire Way link road near junction three of the M18, before it becomes Sheep Bridge Lane, which joins Parrots Corner at the other end of the village.

Police say they have received several complaints about speeding vehicles in a variety of areas across the Rossington ward, and sent community support officers to look into the speed of cars travelling along a section of road on Saturday August 22, between 1.25pm and 1.55pm. The road is a 30mph zone.

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File picture shows police carrying out speed checks

In a statement this week, officers said a total of 226 vehicles’ speed was measured, of which 11 were found to be travelling between 35mph and 44mph.

They added: "Officers will return shortly for an enforcement day where vehicles will be stopped and drivers summoned for speeding offences.”

They also looked into speeds on Gattison Lane, which joins onto West End Lane, and has a 20mph limit, but found no evidence of speeding on there.

John Cook, who serves on both Rossington Parish Council and Doncaster Council, said he thought 20mph signs had helped keep traffic slower near the schools in the village, and the school gate traffic often stopped cars speeding at picking-up time.

He said he thought there may also be speeding issues around the new estate in Rossington.

He said: “Police can only use the resources they’ve got.

"We’re always pleased to see them doing something about this issue, and anything that helps keep people safe in Rossington.”

Officers were called out to the streets around West End Lane on Monday afternoon after a woman was injured on the school run, in an incident involving a collision with a car.

No ambulance was needed, but it is understood the woman was injured in the incident involving a vehicle reversing on Gattison Lane.