Police dogs praised after collaring alleged car thieves in Doncaster

Two police dogs have been praised for taking the lead and collaring criminals this week.

Friday, 30th July 2021, 2:23 pm

The canine sleuths Luna and Benson helped capture alleged car thieves in Stainforth and Maltby.

South Yorkshire Police's operational support team, reported that PD Benson was taken to Stainforth following a report of two men seen ‘masked-up’ leaving a car.

At the scene the car was found to be one stolen in a burglary a few hours earlier.

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Police dog Luna.

A spokesman said: “The handler ‘Tez’ asked ‘Bents’ to track the suspects and Benson duly obliged, putting his nose down and dragging Tez off to a nearby flat.

“Here the two suspects were found inside and would you believe they knew nothing about the car?”

The two men aged 29 and 53 were both arrested for burglary after the keys to the stolen car were found in the flat.

When a Ford Focus stolen from Sheffield was spotted in Doncaster heading for the M18 by Roads Policing Officers the ensuing pursuit was brought to an end in Maltby.

Police dog Benson.

The spokesman added “With the car immobilised two of the five offenders in it thought they’d do a runner, unfortunately for them it wasn’t only the traffic cops who had been pursuing them but also one of our canine interceptors, PD Luna.

“As soon as Luna hit the ground her four paw drive took hold and she showed her impressive off-the-mark acceleration and quickly caught and detained one male youth.

“The other runner then hastily reconsidered his most recent life choices and gave himself up.”

All five youths were eventually arrested for vehicle theft.