Police dog nabs drunk driver after he hits roundabout and leaves girlfriend in car

A police dog helped nab a drunk driver after he crashed into a roundabout and fled, leaving his girlfriend in the car.

Tuesday, 31st August 2021, 7:00 am

Police revealed how the hapless motorist was left looking ‘as though he had lost a fight with a shark’ after attempting to flee police dog Kai through thick and prickly gorse and hawthorn bushes after smashing into Hollygrove roundabout in Goldthorpe.

The 30-year-old legged it, leaving his girlfriend behind in the wreckage as he tried to evade police.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police Operational Support said: “Kai's prisoner looked as though he had lost a fight with a shark, but Kai never even laid a paw on him.

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Police dog Kai helped nab a drunk driver.

"When our latest SYP dog support unit prisoner went out drinking with his girlfriend last night, he probably had a different idea of how his night would end, but that's the thing about drink driving isn't it? There's good reason why it's criminal.

"So, driving his girlfriend home, Hollygrove roundabout at Goldthorpe suddenly jumped out in front of him - that happens when you are drunk, and he hit it.

"You've got to love this guy, leaving his girlfriend in the crashed car, he legged it.

"Dog handler Paul was quick on scene with police dog Kai and set about tracking the driver, who thought he would out-fox the police by running through fields.

"Kai has one of the best tracking noses in the business so following across a field is a piece of cake for him.

"As Kai closed in on the driver, rather than take his chances with Kai, he forced his way through dense gorse and hawthorn shrubs, almost peeling himself on the thorns in the process - might have been better tackling Kai, but probably not.

"So Kai found him in the shrubs. Paul sent team-mate Dan round the other side to lift him and that was job done.

"30 year old Wath man arrested for drink driving. I have the feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of Kai in the future.”

Anyone with information about the crash can contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.