Police discover drugs, £100 in cash after driver escapes on foot following police chase in Doncaster

The police have discovered a bag of drugs after a driver escaped on foot following a police pursuit in Doncaster on Friday.

Saturday, 16th April 2022, 3:25 pm

The driver of a Skoda Octavia VRS failed to stop for officers in Hatfield on Friday evening (April 15), leading in a car chase, according to the Doncaster East Neighbourhood Policing Team.

On a Facebook post, the police said: “Not a Good Friday for the driver of this Skoda Octavia VRS.

“You would think the power of a Skoda VRS would be far too much for the Police Peugeot, but think again!”

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The vehicle failed to stop for officers in Hatfield on Friday evening, resulting in a police pursuit.

The driver then drove on the wrong side of the road and at excessive speeds in an attempt to lose the police.

The driver eventually dumped the car, and made a quick getaway jumping over a garden fence. In his rush, he forgot to take a bag of drugs, £100 in cash, two mobile phones and a photo driving licence.

The Skoda and its contents were seized for further investigations.