Police crack down on car crime

CRIME: Crime scene.
CRIME: Crime scene.

South Yorkshire Police have been cracking down on car crime in parts of the region.

Officers focused on Barnsley town centre as well as the Hoyland, Wombwell and Darfield areas and have been taking action to disrupt vehicle thieves as part of a three-week operation, dubbed Barbarian.

Police have carried out pro-active, high-visibility patrols between midnight and 5am – the times when most offences have happened.

Plain clothes officers have also been deployed to stop thieves stealing from vehicles.

And Police Community Support Officers have played a part by checking for vulnerable vehicles. They found that more than 30 vehicles were vulnerable with valuables on display to tempt thieves – or worse still, were unlocked.

In each case they alerted the vehicle owner, who also received a follow-up letter about crime prevention through the post.

During the day, officers visited previous offenders to make sure they were aware of the action being taken.

Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Steve Handley, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “The operation has been a great success across Barnsley. We’ve gone from around six or seven vehicle crimes a day to one or, on some occasions, none.

“We’d urge all vehicle owners to take care of their property and not to leave money or valuables on show.

“The operation will be repeated in all areas of Barnsley in the coming months,” added T/DCI Handley.