Police alerted over woman reportedly fleeing gun-wielding sex traffickers in Doncaster

Police in Doncaster have been alerted to a widely circulated social media post claiming a woman was among 35 victims of sex trafficking found at a house in the town.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 7th February 2022, 12:09 pm

The unverified post has been shared hundreds of times on social media in Doncaster – and numerous readers have contacted the Free Press to draw it to our attention.

We have now contacted South Yorkshire Police to verify the claims which suggest the incident took place in Edlington.

The post, which is a screenshot of a mobile phone message, has the names and details of the sender blanked out.

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Police have been alerted to the message claiming sex trafficking in Doncaster.

It reads in full: “Yet another load of chaos in Donny.

"Some bird has rang the police terrified, then locked herself in a police car claiming she’s been sex trafficked.

"The police have gone to the house she claims its happening in and they’ve found another 35 women there.

"Anyway, the lad’s found out she’s gone to police and is driving around Donny looking for her with a gun.

"The house is in Edlington.”

It is not clear when the incident is said to have taken place and the Free Press has not been able to verify the claims mentioned in the message at this stage.

The post has been shared on a wide range of local Facebook pages, with the message “Pls (please) be careful.”

It began circulating late yesterday and has been shared hundreds of times.

We have sent the message to South Yorkshire Police and asked for details on the alleged incident.