One can ban for shoppers to stop street drinking problems

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SHOPPERS are to be barred from buying single cans of alcohol in a bid to reduce booze-fuelled anti-social behaviour.

A ‘one can ban’ has been introduced in Doncaster town centre as the latest move to try and curb problem street drinkers.

So far ten retailers have signed up to the scheme and police are hoping more shops will sign up to the initiative.

Sgt Steve Butler said: “We are hoping to get as many shops on board as possible with this scheme and target street drinkers who only have the money to buy one can at a time.

“These drinkers tend to be the ones who cause a nuisance for businesses and shoppers in the town centre.

“This scheme will hopefully put a stop to this kind of behaviour and ensure the town centre provides a safe and enjoyable experience for everybody.”

South Yorkshire Police has joined forces with Doncaster Council to launch the one can ban.

It comes after a dedicated team of officers was set up earlier in the year to reduce yobbish behaviour in the town centre. The launch of the team came after market traders complained that drunks were ruining their businesses by putting people off from shopping.

The area the scheme is in force is also covered by an order which allows police and council officers to confiscate alcohol from street drinkers.

Coun Cynthia Ransome, cabinet members for communities, said: “Street drinkers are a big concern for businesses and they often behave inappropriately and are rude to staff and members of the public. With this ban we’re tackling the issues that matter to them.”