OAP couple live in fear of addict son

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NEWS: News.

A drug addict son barred by court order from contacting his elderly parents has been jailed for more than two years.

Michael Jones, aged 40, has breached a restraining order protecting his mum and dad, Denise and Arkley Jones, a total of 33 times.

Jones, of Wharf Road, Wheatley, Doncaster, has a string of convictions for violence dating back to when he was 16.

He was given a 10-week jail term suspended for a year by Doncaster magistrates in February for the latest breach of the court order.

But just days later he breached it again by going round to his parents home where they live with their 14-year-old grandson.

Jones, a drug addict for 25 years, kept on turning up and asking for money to buy drugs, said Louise Gallagher, prosecuting, at Sheffield Crown Court.

He arrived by taxi on March 3 and walked into his parents’ home demanding money but his 70-year-old mother told him to leave.

Both Mr and Mrs Jones tried to ring the police but their son cut short the calls.

Mr Jones, 72, who has an aneurism began feeling unwell, and his wife gave her son £20 hoping he would go away.

He told his dad: “I’m going to get you next time I see you. I’m going to kill you.”

When he was arrested at the M25 hostel, Jones kicked PC Mark Lumley in the chest knocking him over and had to be restrained with CS gas.

“Mrs Jones can’t cope any more and needs him to stay away for good,” said Miss Gallagher.

Jones admitted breaching the restraining order and assaulting the officer.

He was jailed for a total of 22 months and in addition will serve the 10-week suspended jail term on top.

Jones was also given a further restraining order until March 13, 2020, barring him from contacting his parents.