New powers for council officers tackling bad behaviour

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NEWS: News.

Extra powers have been given to Doncaster Council’s Neighbourhood Response Team to combat things like antisocial behaviour and street drinking.

Team members will be able to take names and addresses of anybody being a nuisance and pass the details to South Yorkshire Police, who could then prosecute.

Failure to provide details to the NRT officers could again result in potential prosecution.

Chief Insp Gwyn Thomas of South Yorkshire Police said: “Officers continue to work closely with partners to tackle issues, such as antisocial behaviour, that cause concern among the community and impact on the lives of residents. These additional powers are a valuable addition to the Neighbourhood Response Team and will help enhance the positive work already being done in Doncaster.”

Mayor of Doncaster Ros Jones said: “Our Neighbourhood Response Team is out on the ground carrying out vital work in the community.

“We are committed to keeping Doncaster a safe place for everyone to live, work and enjoy. The new powers maximise the information we gather on the ground and will help deter offenders from committing Anti-Social Behaviour in our communities.”

The NRT works alongside the police to tackle incidents and patrol hotspots.

Anyone seen causing harassment, alarm or distress by using inappropriate language in front of others can now also be dealt with by the NRT and subsequently prosecuted by South Yorkshire Police.