New mobile technology means more police on the beat

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Humberside Police is beginning to roll out new mobile technology to their officers and PCSOs designed to increase their visbility and time spent in their communities.

Over the coming months team of neighbourhood and emergency response officers throughout the force area will receive new tablet computers allowing them to access police data systems while on the move, reducing the need for them to return to police stations to complete paper work and access date.

This new way of working will dramatically increase their time ‘on the beat’. Trials showed savings of up to two hours per shift were being made for each officer using the new technology.

Almost £1.5m of funding was secured from central government to support the bid.

Following the most recent funding award Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove said: “The public constantly tell us they want to see officers out on patrol in their communities but there will always be administrative duties they need to carry out.

“At present our officers are constantly pulled back into police stat6ions as our IT is static and outdated.

“The average person in the street has more information on the Smartphone in their pocket than a police officer carries.

“Not only will the new technology bring us into the 21st century but more importantly will increase the visibility of our officers at a time of reducing staff numbers.”