Mystery man found sleeping rough may be from Rotherham

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Police are trying to trace friends and relatives of a mystery man who may be from Rotherham, found sleeping rough in Lincolnshire.

The man, who told officers he is called David Thorpe and is 56 years old, said he believes he is from Rotherham and could have connections with Blackpool.

But searches of police and NHS systems in both areas have failed to locate him.

The man claims to suffer a disorder called dissociative fugue, which is often connected to a traumatic experience and can cause loss of memory.

DCI Paul Welton said: “This is a very rare case, in which somebody will come to an area and have no idea who they are and if they have any family.

“We have not been able to establish how the man came to stop in North East Lincolnshire, however we are doing all we can to help him find his family and friends.

“The man is no longer sleeping rough and is being supported by the police and a number of agencies.”