More rogue riders lose their bikes

SEVEN motorbikes being used by rogue riders have been taken off the roads after police responded to complaints from residents on Doncaster estates.

Officers from the Balby and Hexthorpe Safer Neighbourhood Team decided to take action after listening to the concerns of locals, and set dangerous and illegal bike riding as a priority by conducting an operation aimed at tackling this issue.

They carried out high visibility patrols working with the community to gather information on hot spot areas, while working with local schools to promote awareness of nuisance motorcycles and deter young people from riding bikes badly.

From information gathered and the extra patrols, the officers established that St Peter’s Road, Oswin Avenue, Balby, and Urban Road, Hexthorpe, were the main areas of concern for residents.

The SNT worked with the road policing group and air support unit to target nuisance riders.

During the operation, they recovered five motorcycles being driven illegally and issued six warnings. For the riders to get motorcycles back they must pay £150 or they will be destroyed.

The warnings last for 12 months and are applicable not only to the person but to the motorcycle, so if police see another person riding the bike in a nuisance manner it can still be seized.

PC Dave Disbury, of Balby and Hexthorpe SNT, said: “Since the operation we have already noticed a reduction in the number of calls made to us about nuisance motorcycles. I am pleased we have been able to improve the quality of life for residents living in the area.”

Officers in Rossington have also been targeting nuisance motorcycles and conducting extra patrols in the area and during one of the patrols two males, 17 and 19 years old, were stopped by officers for riding illegally.

They became obstructive when officers seized their bikes. They were given public order fixed penalties of £80 each for their behaviour.

Sgt Russ Higham added: “Young people riding motorcycles in a nuisance manner don’t always realise the impact they have on residents nearby.”