More police on the streets in Doncaster

Doncaster’s neighbourhood policing teams are to see more police on the streets as South Yorkshire Police have promised to boost the police presence across communities.

By stephanie.bateman1
Thursday, 16th May 2019, 9:28 am
Working together police, MP and councillors get to business
Working together police, MP and councillors get to business

The plans were discussed at a meeting organised by Caroline Flint MP with local Labour councillors and senior police officers, including Borough Commander Shaun Morley.

Said Caroline: “The meeting with the Borough Commander, Shaun Morley and senior inspectors was very positive; and allowed myself and councillors to relay the concerns and problems residents face.

“We welcome the current plans to add about 20 new officers to local policing teams. Shaun Morley is keen to see greater engagement with the public – something we very much welcome; and with more bobbies on the beat, we are going to see better reporting and intelligence, where problems do exist.

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“We also welcomed the stepping up of police operations against some of the criminals in our communities.”

The MP and councillors were briefed about 130 warrants served and 57 convictions against known criminals responsible for some of the worst drug-related and antisocial behaviour in communities.

The MP and councillors were also told of new ways the police are looking to improve face to face conversations with the community.

“The police are keen to try new ways to get feedback from the community, such as online Policing and Community Together (PACT) meetings; allowing live questions and comments. These will not replace regular community PACT meetings, and are certainly a welcome initiative.”

Anyone wanting to give information about a crime or suspicious activity, which is not an emergency, can ring the confidential Crime Stoppers Number 0800 555 111. You can do this anonymously, and if you give your name or number it will always be kept confidential.