Men held in hacker probe

A UNNAMED man from Mexborough is believed to be one of two in their twenties arrested as the police hunt for members of the gangs of computer hackers known as Anonymous and LulzSec.

It’s understood police have taken computer equipment from the man’s Mexborough address for forensic analysis as they probe alleged international offences involving hacking computer systems of US Senate, the CIA and the Sun newspaper. Both groups have a reputation for stealing and releasing confidential information held on company computers.

Also arrested was a man in Warminster in Wiltshire. Scotland Yard say others have already been charged with e-crimes, including Christopher Jan Weatherhead, 20, of Holly Road, Northampton, Ashley Rhodes, 26, of Bolton Crescent London SE5, student David Gibson, 22, from Hartlepool, a 17-year-old from Chester. A 16-year-old from Surrey has been referred to the Surrey Youth Justice Board.

They are due to appear in Westminster Magistrates’ Court next Wednesday.