Masked raider caught by Doncaster teenagers

James White has been jailed.
James White has been jailed.

A prolific criminal has been locked up for 10 years after two teenage victims from Doncaster helped to bring him to justice.

Masked raider James White, aged 26, armed himself with a screwdriver and burst into the home of two boys while their parents were out.

He demanded they fill up two pillow cases with valuables and fled.

But a court heard how the two youngsters, Younis, 16, and Yusuf Denir, 15, chased him down in the street and got their stolen items back.

White, of Wharf Road, Wheatley, pleaded guilty at Sheffield Crown Court to aggravated burglary. Judge Simon Lawlor said: “You targeted this premises because you thought there would be money in the house.”

The court heard White wore a balaclava and took a 12 inch screwdriver to the Denir family home on Sandringham Road, Intake.

Beverley Tait, prosecuting, said he ran into the bedroom of one of the terrified youths and demanded: “Give me all your mum and dad’s money or I will stab you”, before pressing the screwdriver up against the boy’s chest.

The boy filled the pillow cases with jewellery, some of which were wedding presents, and cash. His brother heard the commotion and was frantically ringing police from another room.

Ms Tait said White fled the home and the brothers got two knives from the kitchen and went after him.

She added they attacked him in the street during which White “dropped the pillowcases and his balaclava fell off. He pushed them off and ran off leaving the pillowcases behind.”

The two boys’ father told police in a statement that the family had been “upset by the whole incident.”

Richard Haigh, defending, said White was from ‘a very troubled background’ and had problems with drugs and alcohol, but was now having treatment.

The court was told of a string of previous convictions against White, including a five year prison sentence for robbery in 2008.

Other offences, dating back to 2000, included common assault, possession of an offensive weapon, theft and burglary.