Man jailed for threatening to blow teenager’s brains out

Court case
Court case

A MAN who threatened a Doncaster teenager that he would “blow his brains out” with a fake handgun has been jailed for 14 months.

Andrew Marsh, 46, was told by Judge Jacqueline Davies that prison was inevitable because of the current climate surrounding firearms, even though the pistol could not have been fired.

The incident blew up on August 6, when 18-year-old Thomas Richmond went to Marsh’s house in Lodge Road, Skellow, because he believed Marsh’s son might know something about a burglary at the Richmonds’ home.

Brian Outhwaite, prosecuting at Doncaster Crown Court, said Marsh’s wife told Mr Richmond her stepson was not involved, but Marsh, who had been drinking, became involved in the confrontation.

Mr Outhwaite said that when Marsh was asked what would happen if Mr Richmond sorted it out with his son, he replied: “I’d blow your brains out.”

Marsh then came out of the house with a gun, made a clicking sound as if preparing to fire and pointed it at Mr Richmond without saying a word.

Mrs Marsh pulled him away.

Mr Richmond said he was shocked and left feeling scared after the incident and called police, who found the gun next to Marsh’s bed.

Mr Outhwaite said it was a replica 8mm pistol with no chamber, but externally was indistinguishable from a real handgun.

After his arrest, Marsh said he pointed it to scare Mr Richmond because he was being verbally abusive to his wife.

He admitted possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

Pamela Coxon, mitigating, said Marsh did not point the gun at Mr Richmond’s head and it was a short-lived incident when Marsh was in fear because three youths had brought an argument to his door.

The court heard Marsh had the weapon since his wife was the victim of a robbery a few years ago, but it had never been used before.