Lostprophets singer sexually abused hundreds, claims Doncaster ex-girlfriend

Ian Watkins
Ian Watkins

Child sex predator Ian Watkins sexually abused hundreds of young victims, a former girlfriend from Doncaster claims.

Joanna Majic, 38, claimed that female fans of the paedophile rocker are hiding the true extent of his prolific child abuse.

That is because they are also the mothers of the young children or babies that the former Lostprophets singer preyed upon, she said.

Miss Majic, also revealed that she first reported Watkins’ activities to South Wales Police five years ago, but was not taken seriously.

Senior police have vowed to continue seeking out other child victims of the singer’s abuse as the investigation into his activities continues.

Watkins admitted a string of child-related sex offences at Cardiff Crown Court yesterday, including two attempts at raping a baby.

Two unnamed female fans, who were due to stand trial with him, also admitted a series of sex-related offences on the eve of the joint prosecution. Both women, one a 21-year-old from Doncaster, were revealed as the mothers of the baby victims targeted by Watkins. The singer and the two women will be sentenced in Cardiff on December 18.

Miss Majic had an on-off relationship with Watkins from 2006 and observed his gradual downfall through drugs over a four-year period.

She said: “I’ve always said to the police, there’s hundreds of victims out there and you’re never going to find them because the mothers are in on it.”