Lockdown lock ups exceed 1000 mark


A police crackdown has netted over a thousand arrests for burglary and vehicle crime in the region in just three months.

South Yorkshire Police launched Operation Lockdown in October 2013 to combat a rise in these crimes and the latest figures show that action taken is reversing this trend.

Officers have arrested 1,010 people since the operation began with 408 people charged for burglary and vehicle offences.

Current year-to-date figures, comparing April to December 2013 with the previous year, show an 8% reduction in burglary, including a 10% drop in house burglaries, and a 3% fall in vehicle crime.

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Holt credited members of the public and police officers for the success of the operation.

He added: “The latest crime figures show that Operation Lockdown is making an impact across the county.

“This is testament to the relentless work of officers and staff but I would also thank the public for their response to our ‘Keep it safe’ campaign.

“Residents and motorists are starting to heed our crime prevention messages but there are still too many doors and windows left unlocked, and too many valuables left on view.

“The New Year usually arrives with a spike in burglary and vehicle crime so I urge people to get into the habit of securing their property.

“South Yorkshire Police will continue to do its utmost to track down and arrest criminals who are intent on breaking into your car or home but everyone has a role to play in preventing the opportunist thief.”

The ‘Keep it safe’ campaign continues as part of Operation Lockdown with a dedicated website updated daily to show where Robin Holmes and Nick De Mota are committing burglary and vehicle crime.

To find out more about the operation and get stats for your area visit the website www.operationlockdown.co.uk which also contains crime prevention advice from fictional officer PC Andy Beat and his police dog Siren. You can follow all the characters on Twitter @SYPnickdemota @syprobinholmes and @ SYPpcbeatSiren.