Knife-wielding youth arrested after assault in Doncaster's Frenchgate Centre

Police in Doncaster have arrested a knife-wielding youth following a number of assaults in the town’s Frenchgate shopping centre.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, 12:39 pm

Officers arrested the juvenile early yesterday evening.

Doncaster Police chief Inspector Mark Payling revealed details of the arrest during a Doncaster Central Neighbourhood Police Team question and answer session on Facebook.

He said: “Whilst I have been online tonight, an incident has taken place in the Frenchgate Centre and one of my team has arrested a juvenile in possession of a knife who had assaulted someone.

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A juvenile has been arrested after an assault in the Frenchgate Centre.

"That same juvenile had been involved in a similar incident yesterday which led to him being returned to his mother who appears to have simply allowed him out again. Without the public’s support, our job is extremely challenging.”

The reply came in response to rising fears of gangs of yobs terrorising people in Doncaster.

One member of the public said: “Is something getting done about the anti social behaviour from the teenagers in town that are causing problems?

“I have seen them several times being abusive towards the security in Frenchgate and blatantly saying ‘you can't touch me, I am a kid’ and laughing in their faces.

Insp Payling replied: “We have arrested over a dozen people for a variety of offences and a group of individuals are due in court in March.

"However, we are a long way off solving this problem and require the help and support of parents to manage their children and ensure they dont get caught up in some very ugly scenes like the ones we have had recently.”

He added: “Demand for police resources is extremely high and therefore we need to utilise them carefully. These are not excuses, simply the reality of the situation.”

Another resident added: “The hard working staff at Doncaster Interchange have had enough.

"The scene in the Interchange is one of old women being knocked over, youths running riot and, in the words of a member of staff, "cops refusing to deal with it", it's a shocking state of affairs.”

Insp Payling added: “We have had some significant issues in the Frenchgate Centre and Interchange. Those involved in ASB are issued with warning letters, then asked to sign an acceptable behaviour contract before we look to obtain an injunction against them if they do not listen to the warnings.”