‘Killer searched Barnsley pensioner’s home in middle of attack’

Birkwood Avenue, Cudworth.
Birkwood Avenue, Cudworth.

A man accused of stabbing a 75-year-old grandma to death searched her bedroom in the middle of the assault then returned to finish attacking her, a court heard.

Liam Naylor, aged 23, denies murdering Doreen Walker at her home in Cudworth, Barnsley, on April 1.

Liam Naylor

Liam Naylor

Forensic scientist Nicola Taylor yesterday told the jury blood staining, smears and spatter at the scene were consistent with Naylor attacking the OAP in the living room, then going into the kitchen to wash the blood off himself or the carving knife before going upstairs to search through her bedside table and jewellery box.

It is alleged Naylor then returned to the living room to deliver at least one final blow, cutting himself in the process.

His blood was found on a door handle at the property and also on the carving knife.

Doreen was found lying on the floor of her living room with a cushion under her head and the knife protruding from her neck.

Liam Naylor

Liam Naylor

She had been stabbed or slashed more than 40 times.

The prosecution say Naylor, of Junction Street, Barnsley, was good friends with Doreen’s granddaughter Keeley Sweeney, and had stayed at her house previously.

Doreen had drawn her pension on the day of the alleged murder and Naylor needed money for a night out, the jury has been told.

He has admitted killing Doreen but is expected to claim he did so in self defence.

Giving evidence for the prosecution, Ms Taylor said there was little evidence of a disturbance in the living room but there had been a bit of a disturbance on the sofa.

“I would have expected if there had been a struggle items would have been knocked about or disturbed,” she said.

Ms Taylor said in her opinion Mrs Walker had been incapacitated early on in the attack as there were defence wounds to her hands but no blood cast off.

Blood staining indicated she had been struck while her head was on the cushion.

Ms Taylor said diluted blood was found around the kitchen sink and taps and on a cloth. It also led upstairs into the victim’s bedroom and onto her bedside chest of drawers and a jewellery box.

The trial continues.